Time management with NLP

Tame time and get control over your life!


How fast is your day moving? Are you postponing?

Do you prioritize? Are you in control of your plans?

Do you have countless tasks and too little time?

Are other people dependent on you and your time?

Do your plans change?

Are you doing several things at the same time?

Are you constantly out of time?

Do you feel tension and stress?

Do you find yourself in useless conversations?

Do you find it hard to delegate and track the work of others?


Learn how to stop postponing, start planning and get more out of your life!


This course will help you to:

Find the factors preventing you from effectively managing your time

Acquire practical techniques to distinguish between important and unimportant tasks and achieve desired results

Effectively delegate and learn how to say "NO" 

This course will show you that time management depends not only on the use of different techniques. It is necessary to know the essence of time and to adjust our thinking and our actions according to it. You will also find out the answers to some questions: Why do we measure time the way we do it? How do our biological clocks work? Why is time rushing or slowing down in different situations? What is a time crisis? How do we learn to manage our time?


After the course, you will be able to:

Deal with the time crisis

Use time management techniques

Master the psychological time

Manage your time line

Control distractions and interruptions

Effectively manage the time line


Whom is this course suitable for:

All of you wishing to efficiently control the way you manage your time, so you can free up time for all the important things in your life.

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