The Magic of Public Speaking

"Why are some people born to speak in front of audiences?"

"How do they manage to keep calm?"

"How do they manage to use the right words in the right place?"

Surveys around the world indicate that the fear of public speaking is greater than the fear of death.

Most often people say:

"I'm shivering, I'm sweating every time I think I'll have to face others ..."

"I forget what I wanted to say when I got on stage ..."

"I'm horrified at the thought of being interrupted or asked a question ..."

"Everything is blurry, I worry about what they will say to me ..."


The "Magic of Public Speaking" course is designed to make face-to-face communication with audiences easy and effective. It contains a wealth of information and techniques for acquiring exceptional presentation skills.

Coaches, salespeople, consultants, political and business leaders, managers and anyone whose work includes talking to audiences will greatly benefit from this course. Your progress will be filmed on camera during the course, so you can see how your performance in front of the audience is growing smoother, you speak more confidently and the audience listens with enthusiasm.

After the course, you will be able to:

• Connect with your audience

• Structure your speech

• Control the audience and any heckling attempts

• Use space

• Master your self-confidence at any moment

• Moderate your voice, body, thoughts, energy

• Draw energy from the audience

• Use metaphors

• Control the spirit of the audience;

• Make presentations appropriate to all information perception styles 


You will achieve all this by learning and mastering:

• V, A, K, O, T - Representation systems - Human beings receive information through the five senses. We encode, organize, store in these sensory modalities, and place them with meanings from the outside world

• Pacing - Rapport - Leading – models for connection with the audience

• Anchors - internal or external means to induce a pre-selected response

• PASS - a model for communication in front of an audience

• Voice handling - intonation and voice models

• Control over your emotions 

• Body language - non-verbal communication models

• 4MAT System 

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