NLP in Sales

Do you want to:

Turn sales into a profitable profession?

Sell like never before?

Turn every No into Yes?

Increase your self-esteem and motivation to levels you have never thought possible?

This course will give you the techniques to make the market talk about you, while you are quickly growing in your organization or gaining unexpected results in your own business!


Whom is this course suitable for: 

Anyone who wants to influence through speech and behavioral models

All sales people or heads of commercial structures, regardless of past experience and industry


After the course, you will be able to:

Create a purchase desire in every customer

Sell confidently to all levels of customers

Constantly increase the value of your pipeline

Get the most out of every customer

Manage the process of receiving recommendations and using them successfully


You will achieve all this by learning and mastering:

Representation Systems

Building rapport and leading

Well-targeted questions

Anchors and anchoring

Linguistic presuppositions 

Indirectly induced pathways

Meta model


Mental filing

Methods of overcoming objections

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