NLP Business Master Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner is the second step of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification Program. This master class is for those, willing to further develop their skills in Management, Marketing, Communication, NLP, Coaching, Mentoring, Strategic Management or Therapy. While NLP Practitioner establishes a link between neurology and linguistics, the NLP Master Practitioner programs the individual in a time-spatial dimension. The Certified NLP Master practitioner is a person who can model his / her own behavior and that of the others, to reframe perceptions, beliefs, values, apply the Meta Model, Sleight of mouth, Neurological Levels and Meta programs in each area of everyday life. 


Who can participate? Anyone who is a Certified NLP Practitioner by The Society of NLP of Dr. Richard Bandler. 

After the course, you will be able to…

Use the language to broaden, change and manage limiting beliefs

Recognize and change your beliefs and those of others

Improve your personal and professional potential

Recognize and use behavioral patterns

Understand your personal values and create a plan of action according to them

Use the beliefs of others

Identify the sense of identity

Utilize strategies for concrete results


You will achieve all this by learning and mastering:

The Meta Model (advanced) – a powerful linguistic model of NLP, which enriches the views of the world and derives quality information about others

Milton Model (advanced) – the linguistic model of Milton Erickson

Systems of beliefs – patterns of thought, which define our behavior

Meta Programs – defining and choosing archetypical structures that lead our decisions

Critical sub-modalities –differences in mental representations

 Trance – how to connect with productive states and creativeness

Sleight of Mouth – linguistic model for persuasion

Metaphors – how to use linguistic patterns for a great influence

SWISH pattern – the famous technique for change

Strategies – ability to understand and use behavioral unconscious processes

T.O.T.E. – How to map strategies of others

Values – how to connect with what is really important

Sponsorship – emphasizing your abilities and those of others

Timeline (advanced) – changing the quality of past and future representations

Future pacing – creating efficient and ecological plans of action

State management – entering productive mental states

All topics are approved by the Society of NLP. The modules are linked and follow the perceptual dynamics recommended by Dr. Richard Bandler

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