I Leader

If you need to multiply your projects and followers!

Some say leaders are born. We say a leader is also developed. Inherent and acquired qualities both shape up the contemporary leader. “I Leader” is an experience that builds upon the congenital qualities and through a special project-oriented system the leader explores past, present, and future, combines environment, team, opportunities, genes, approach, intelligence, temperament, skills, and values, to turn people into a priceless resource.

This training will radically change your perception of management. “I Leader” combines leadership models, NLP, cognitive science, NLP coaching, organizational design, spiral dynamics and cognitive memetics to shape up the relationship Environment-Thinking-Leadership!

Because leadership is art and art is science! 

  • For whom is this training?

For all present and future leaders.

  • Why should you attend this training?

To get and authentic, detailed and rational systematic approach in synergizing thought, program, values, individuals, teams, and environment.  

  • What would you learn and practice?


  • Introduction into the systems leading the individual


  • How the environment and thinking influence each other
  • Theme and scheme of thinking
  • Situation, emotions, reactions
  • Vision of the world and interlinked behaviors 
  • Analysis of the systems responsible for automated behaviors
    1. Change management test
    2. Cognitive memetics test
  • External and internal conditions for change, development, and influence (pros and cons within the team) 
  • Work simulation – how processes and teams should supplement each other for a maximum result


  • Characteristics of different MEMEs
  • Decision-making models
  • Team organizational models
  • Teaching models
  • Models for relaxation and rest


  • Leadership
  • Leadership models
  • Leadership packages of different cognitive memes
  • Communication models
  • Management models
  • Development of effective behavioral models


  • NLP for connecting individuals, teams, targets and results


  • NLP and cognitive MEMEs in the team and “seven deadly sins” 
    1. Rational challenges
    2. Emotional challenges
  • Abolition of emotional hold-backs
  • Morale and motivation


This training will change your attitude towards people and theirs towards you. If you are ready for this challenge, we are here for you! 

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