I Manager

Management with NLP

A lot of you have already experienced Neuro-linguistic programming techniques and know how powerful a weapon it is when it comes to successful and inspiring communication. We developed this course to improve, increase and refine your soft skills arsenal, to turn you into the better manager with whom your team members personate. 

  • For whom is this course?

For high and middle-level managers, team leaders and supervisors in companies from all sectors and industries. 

  • Why should you join?

People management often is a big challenge but, done effectively, it could bring immense success in professional and private life. The aim of this training is to give you the skills that every manager needs in order to successfully lead his/her team and continuously develop their performance. 

  • What skills will you learn and practice? 
  • The manager as a central figure in leading people and processes      
  • Types of managers
  • Knowledge, skills, and qualities essential for a manager
  • Management roles
  • Management styles         
  • Management attitudes and behaviors
  • Emotional intelligence for managers
  • Preparation for building a team
  • Process of building a team
  • Models for building a team
  • Motivators at each organizational level
  • Personality models
  • Meta programs
  • Neurological levels
  • NLP linguistic models for influence and charisma 


This training will radically change the way you manage people. If you are ready for this challenge, we are here for you! 

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